Homework Buddies

“Education has in America’s whole history been the major
hope for improving the individual and society.”

- Gunnar Myrdal


The heart of our program, after-school instruction and homework assistance, has served so many children in our local community, children who would otherwise be left behind in many respects, children who have gone on to lead
successful, fulfilling lives because someone cared enough to pay particular attention to them, to assist with homework on a daily basis. 

Enrolled students are teacher-supervised in a quiet, structured, academically stimulating environment. Students’ questions are answered and homework progress is monitored. 

Our goal, as often as possible, is to have students greet you at 5:00 saying "Guess what, I finished my homework!" 

Concert for Charity

Congregational Church June 8th

The Wineskins draw from the deep literary and musical influences that have shaped the band’s sound. From Jim Harrison and Larry Brown, to Bread and Fleetwood Mac. Having grown up in Mississippi, songwriters W. Keith Moore and Jeff Gordon have created a wealth of material born from the darkness and light of the world they live in. Moore and Gordon wrestle with their spirituality, and offer an honest take on the struggle. The Wineskins are dedicated to creating musical experiences that stay with you, with lyrics and melodies that are haunting and memorable. Take a walk with these storytellers.



Contact Info: 

For further information, contact: Diana Holden: 516-318-1345 or Eleanor Lange: 516-627-1818