Our mission

Adventures in Learning is an after-school educational and enrichment program dedicated to improving the lives of Long Island children in need of after-school care and instruction. Housed in the Hagedorn Community Center at the Manhasset/Great Neck EOC, Adventures provides a warm and caring environment where children develop homework skills while benefiting from computer instruction, literary and math programs, and cultural activities.

Focus Programs

The Early Childhood Reading Program administered by three reading specialists, is modeled on professional tutoring programs shown to be highly effective for improving reading outcomes.

Our math specialist addresses the increasing needs of math instruction for our entire student body.  Ensuring the development of mathematics competence during the primary grades is essential to later learning success. 

The Film Workshop teaches children how to tell their own stories. The class focuses on writing and organizing one's own story.  A basic skill in  lighting techniques, camera theory and editing is introduced. The hope is to give the students creative ways to express their thoughts through story telling.

Nutrition is an important part of Adventures in Learning’s instruction.  The program was created to give children an opportunity to try, taste, choose, incorporate and eat healthier food choices at meals and snack times. 

The purpose of this program is to address the needs of our English Language Learners (ELL) by providing an English as a New Language (ENL) program within the Adventures in Learning after school program.

News & Events

Manhasset, NY April 2,2019

Adventures Wine Soirée An Enlightening EveningAdventures In Learning's Wine & Tasting Soirée atthe Manhasset Bay Yacht Club was a resounding sucess. Read all about in the article form the Manhasset Press.

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(Manhasset, NY) [current-date:long]

ANNUAL FUND CHALLENGE APPEAL December, 2018 Dear Friends: For 50 years, Adventures in Learning has provided after-school programs for the underserved children in our Manhasset community by offering a safe environment in which their academic performance and life skills can be developed and supported. Virtually all of our 70 public school children have one or two working parents, yet 90% of them live at or below the poverty line. Without Adventures, many of these elementary school children would return from school to empty homes with no one to help with their homework. Adventures provides academic and enrichment programs together with a caring and safe environment, producing dramatic results: • Over 75% of our students graduate from high school and 90% of those go on to college • Reading... full story

(Manhasset, NY)

Manhasset, NY (December 3, 2018) – How often have you heard about an 8 year old student having a book published? Almost never, if ever, right?  Well, Amazon recently published The Story of Zachary and the Cookie by one of Manhasset’s very own 3rd grade students, Avery Gray, a student at Shelter Rock.

For that matter, he almost never stops writing.  According to his mother, Tasha Pulling, she will often find him writing into the night.  Also note that she is also his inspiration and role model, since she herself is a also published author.

His idea for this story came from the Arnie and the Donut book. The story completely captured his imagination.... full story